Hi, I am Shaojie Lyu, a product designer from Zhuhai.

I am passionate, meticulous, have rich imagination and rigorous logical ability. My dual background in design and technology allows me to have both a rational and aesthetic sense of product interfaces. I have been involved in both the medical health and Internet TV fields: 1. I have participated in hospital data visualization projects, inspected competing products, and understood the needs of medical staff within the hospital. 2. Participated in TV membership upgrade and system desktop projects, contacted a large number of real TV users, and understood the pain points of the industry.

In terms of skills, I am a generalist. In my past internship experience, I have done front-end development and design work. I once made a TV demo that was not available in the industry in a week, which brought great help to the team. . In addition, I have strong continuous learning ability. In addition to product knowledge, I taught myself VUE programming in 2 months, user experience knowledge in 2 months, and recently learned some AIGC technology.


As an interaction designer, I hope to convey more friendliness and care to users through my design, making the entrance to the online world smoother and more comfortable, and at the same time, I hope to allow more older people to enjoy the Internet. The wonders of the world.


In the future, I will continue to participate in more product designs and learn about more industries and excellent human-computer interaction practices. In this process, I will discover patterns in user survey data, discover the core user needs, and propose solutions.