An APP to help young people fall asleep quickly


The main causes of insufficient sleep among young people include academic pressure, social media and technology use, nighttime activities and entertainment, irregular work and rest schedules, mental health problems, unhealthy lifestyles, unreasonable study and work schedules, financial pressure, and lack of sleep. Educational and cultural factors. And the insomnia problems caused by these have a negative impact on life every moment. The inability to get a good night's sleep has become a troublesome thing today.

KoalaNap is a sleep aid software that helps young people fall asleep quickly and reduce insomnia through customized music library and application lock.


Product Designer

Competitive product analysis, User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping, User Test

Feb - Jun 2023

Competitive product analysis

By comparing the functions of 16 competing products, we found that sleep aid apps have obvious functional tendencies and are mainly divided into the following three categories:

  • Phone brand APP: detailed sleep monitoring function.
  • Sleep Expert APP: Professional sleep advice.
  • Sleep aid player APP: Rich sleep aid resources.

The Problem

It is easy to give up in sleep mode and turn on the mobile phone again, causing the phenomenon of staying up late.

Sleep apps have powerful functions and provide a lot of content, which is not conducive to users falling asleep.

Sleep journaling can be difficult to keep up with, especially during the period before bed.

User Research

What functions do current sleep apps have, and how can they help you sleep?

By asking four target users to record their experience using competing products for five days, the target user portrait was completed.

Pain points & Opportunities

Users want to have a high quality of sleep, but it is frequently interrupted?

⭐Pain points

Users want to fall asleep quickly, but the anxiety caused by mobile phone messages and the difficulty in relaxing their bodies make this extremely difficult.


Cut off users' information anxiety and relax through rich and professional sleep-aid music.

Design concept

Let creativity add up and create brand-differentiated products!

This image gives people a sense of peace. In such a forest, koalas lie on the trees, as if they are one with nature. Everything around him became so quiet and peaceful, as if time had been frozen. Looking at this picture, people can't help but calm down, as if they are also deeply attracted by the tranquility of the forest, and want to close their eyes, fall asleep, and enjoy this quiet happiness with the koala.

The solution

Where exactly have improvements been made?

Improve the quality of sleep-aid music: Enrich the music resources of the sleep app and enhance the custom editing music function.

Prevent users from interrupting sleep mode: Design the exit button on the sleep aid interface to be smaller and inconvenient to click.

Provide users with correct sleep guidance: Through sleep diary and sleep suggestion functions, users can improve their sleep quality in a more planned way.

Create sleep music

Users can have a richer selection of customized music, allowing users to make better sleep-aid music.

Go to sleep

In order to improve efficiency, there is a sleep mode entrance on the homepage. I first recorded what I did before going to bed today, then put away my phone and fell asleep with the music.

View sleep data

When I wake up in the morning, I will habitually open the sleep data to check, paying special attention to how many hours I slept last night and the quality of my sleep.

Usability Testing

Your friends’ reviews are also very important!

Use ProtoPie to build a demo and invite 4 students to test and experience it for one day. You are also welcome to join. Please use the browser to open the following link:

//cloud.protopie.io/p/66990f272281425926dadcfaclick here
  • Completely experience the entire software usage process before going to bed.
  • Play music through third-party software to simulate sleep mode.
  • Check your sleep data the next morning.

After these experiences, they have a deeper understanding of this app. Let’s take a look at everyone’s feedback!

Q: Do you think this APP is useful?

A1: It is still very practical. You can keep a sleep diary and provide suggestions.
A2: I think there are indeed many more choices for sleep-aid music, compared to other apps.
A3: This sleep interface feels like a lock screen, nothing special.

Q: Is this APP easy to use?

A1: It is very convenient to use and you can quickly find the functions you want.
A2: There is a lot of information. Can you be more direct? Many times I just want to go to sleep right away.
A3: You have to click in the music list every time to listen to the music, and you have to exit after listening. It feels very troublesome.

Q: What aspects of this APP can be better?

A1: There is too much information on the homepage, and you cannot feel relaxed and calm when using it. A large number of music choices may not necessarily be helpful for sleep.
A2: I like the image of koalas very much, but is it possible not to limit it to koalas? There are many animals in the forest that love to sleep, such as sloths.
A3: The sleep interface does not feel very immersive. A4: Sleep end button though

Q: Is this app different from other apps of the same type?

A1: The function of customizing music is a highlight. It reduces the learning cost. It is easy to set up and the customization function is powerful.
A2: I like the design of Koala.

Project Learnings

The summary is for a better start next time.

Always maintain product, scene and brand thinking.

When considering problems, use users as the starting point to discover new pain points.

While paying attention to every small detail, don’t forget the overall user experience.